Privacy Statement: Since 2005 we have sold the database twice. The money went to running servers and paying a sole logger $50 a month. It was Andy in Memphis, then Cheryl in DC. (not me). We collect email address, but we never give it out in these sales. The email is used to contact you regarding a crazy sign you submitted or to send you paypal money. We have never sold email addresses to any 3rd party. We could do that to raise money, but we have no plans to do that. Everything else is public knowledge like your name, time you saw sign, etc. Just the email is hidden. We have never been hacked that we know of. If you see a copy of this database with email’s shown somewhere on the internet let us know.

-Jim Pruett Memphis 213-7824  gpscruise TA gmail BLAH com




We are gathering the GPS-coordinates of every speed-limit sign on earth. You don’t need a GPS device, just 2 minutes of your time. Its open source so you can contribute.

People can put these data into GPS devices to regulate or warn of excessive speed. Google, Garmin, Teleatlas, even AAA aren’t doing this, so please help out. Plus the sign you capture is copyrighted with your name since you found it.

People have written loggers for Blackberry, Android, or write your own. Go gather a cities worth. It doesn’t take long. Even if the speed changes, you found the sign and you own it.

Wikispeedia is a contributor owned company. Known contributors should expect to get paid. Our tools validate everything each and every night.
Dividends: As a charity, we operate on zero balance.

In Dec 2015, we sent BTC to several contributors who gave us their Bitcoin address. (This makes our charity life much easier).
In Jan 2014, we sent 1/2 of all earnings to all 638 contributors.

On Nov 11, 2009, we paid $21.54 to all contributors.

Time / Money Donations

Josh for udp forwarderBeekay for SD helpEBo for group support and donationBruce Cannon for wisdom and donationMagick help from MagicFred’s ScriptsesmiLorenzo CaumTrish for WordPress HelpRiyad Kalla for simple xml parserJohn Carr for providing max speed limitsAndy Moore for location code, Royce Jordan for 5bucks, Brian Smith and Dr GlunzNick Fox for snipetEllen Shields at DOT for dialogSimple Mysql REPLACE example generatorScott Chamberlain for R interface to speed limit database, Onur Akgun for cron, Dave Smith for bash help, Branden Mina, Justin Sovine, Matt Despain, Jakub Rehacek, Espen, Sean, Alex, Ragaar Ashnod, Kostya Vasilev.

If we left you out, please let us know.


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