How to defeat automatic license plate readers?

Road Rage Reduction

Covid, Layoffs, whats next? ALPRs. Automatic License Plate Readers! They are coming to my small town. What exactly are they?

They are $2k toys reserved for Police in every state from Maine to California. link

Wikispeedia was formed when I was sick and tired of Bubba giving out tickets for profit. Yes, after 25 years in Oakland TN, I moved to Collierville TN. The police here are reasonable. They don’t drool out the window in obvious profile-mode. More suble here. Although I did get pulled over by two police cars because I was reading a paper note my wife wrote me. No lie.

License plate readers hope to achieve what?

  1. Link to a cop at the ready?
  2. Fed to the FBI?
  3. Record my face along with the plate?
  4. Get me to drive elsewhere?
  5. Link to add on’s like:
    1. speed attachment, driver-camera, passenger counter, amber alert tie in? What is the true purpose?

We all know construction trucks never have license plates. Construction, tree service trucks, never have plates. Should I buy a semi to drive around in?

Don’t you love QUORA? I find it unique. I just headed over there to write this up.


Here is what we know about these devices and their use. link

Service Hour Limit

On another note, we were getting a lot of junk from people doing community service hours with us. Some people getting 100 service hours in a week. Typical UnitedWay service hours is like 1 hour every Saturday. Thats the way it was historically. So we dont want to ruin that spirit.

Thus we put in a 30 hour max. There are plenty of charities out there, not just us. But you can come to us and get 30 hours in 30 hours anytime day or night! Thats not a bad deal!

Also, check out my old buddy Jason Procknow’s rage channel. Get a dashcam and send him your vids!

Jason Procknow Rage channel

Since 2005, has been giving out speed limit information free of charge. No one at Wikispeedia has ever received a salary. Get involved. Mention us somewhere. Peace.

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Road Rage Reduction
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Road Rage Reduction
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