Urgent: Amazon bill greater than revenue.

We are still underwater. $159 out, $95 in, so the limits will be lowered next month to 5k queries per day.

How does that saying go, “the beatings will continue until morale improves”…

We don’t take this lightly. We improved our side so it doesn’t connect to Amazon as often. We are slimming the database to make queries faster. We required new registrants to log some sign. We are considering adding a second home-hosting, to allow a second connection mechanism which is less reliable, but free.

If your php calls doesn’t work, make sure you put your tag:
If it still doesn’t work send an email to speedup@wikispeedia.org

Everyone, please revisit the “SINCE” command in the FAQ’s. It makes creating a mirror database easy. Follow the Terms. The data is copyrighted by all the 638 submitters…

Also, get the Zombie Speed Limit Logger and drive around. I recently visited the following car clubs in Memphis and you should visit your local car clubs too.

“British Sports Car Club”

“Memphis Mopar Club”

We have to get revenue in line so we can pay contributors.

As always, if you want something, ask!



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