To access speed limit information.

Replace the word all below with your name (Eg, ABC123)
It must match your registration displayname, not your nickname.
It is used to throttle our Amazon bill!

To get the speed limit.,-89.5,360

To get a box of speed limit signs.…

To submit a speed limit sign.

To delete a speed limit sign.…

For FAQ and more details,
api link.

the geo.php file is limited in how many calls per day. If you would sponsor us 😉 we could afford more access for everyone…

the geo.php link uses some google api data,
so it is typically over-limit.

If you want to host it on your own site, consider becomming a sponsor
and we will spend the time to explain it all to you. Time is money!

Hi there.

I am trying to use the API to obtain speed limits for certain roads, but I cannot get it to work. I have tried the example on the site:,-89.795845,359

replacing “all” with my username (which is Fabricio_Rodriguez) but I get the following error:

Error03722: Over limit wikispeedia. See faq, try /speed/geo.php with your registered tag name…

Any ideas? I registered on using my Google account…

it looks kind of slow. Also, you have to log 100 signs using android or something. (look for wikispeedia on android google play market).

then change

to instead be

Then post here and we turn-your-access up to 10k/day.

We are a co-op…. Everyone shares equally.


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