Bad Boys XXXX Cops.

Bad Boys XXXX Cops.

Everyone should have a dashcam. They are now admissable in court in some instances. Here is mine in action.

This video is on I-385 East around Houston Levy in Memphis TN.  Can’t quite make out the plate. If it wasn’t for us civilians watching out for this idiot, it could have been a disaster.

If there were less skilled drivers around, this could have been a rainy crunchup.

Cops always will scare me. I have seen enough prison shows to know that if you are unsavory looking, you are going to jail.

The US has a crappy police system IMHO. Where I live now is seemingly better than 38060 (where Wikispeedia was founded),

but the other day I got pulled over for reading a letter. Texting and driving? No, I was glancing at a letter my wife wrote me. Holding it up on the steering wheel so it was safe, going 35 mph.

When they were done talking to me, there were two cop cars there. Billable hours….

Tip of the day:  Get your windows tinted. Then they can’t profile you and you can do what you want. People like me with no tint get pulled over simply because we think its courteous to have non-tint windws. You know, so other drivers can see you on right turn on red.

You tell me below.

Is he in the right?

Should I have followed him to make sure it was relevant? and get a shaming video?

Comment below:

Since 2005, Wikispeedia has been collecting and giving out Speed Limit information worldwide for free. Join us in clever conversation in the coment section below.

Merry Christmas 2018.





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