CAROLS, (Robocop the App)

Road Rage Reduction

We are all waiting for Robocop. Its a great movie showing the benefits and side effects of robots.

Its time we inact phase I of Robocop which is the Intelligence. Dont call it AI, just situation intelligence. When people use the word AI (Mike Connery), I glaze over just like I do when people say Cold Fusion. AI is there, but its really only for Chat bots. Until FedEx sends a box of parts to Mars and something there recreates itself from parts, there is no Robot takeover.

That said, we need (and I could write) a RobocopApp. Comment below and I will do that this weekend. A start, but get the ball rolling.

Design Specification for CAROLS


CAROLS uses the body camera and car camera. It looks around and tells the policeman if they can detain. Eg, talk to that guy, ignore that car, you get the idea. It gives the Policeman an “OUT”, so their feelings don’t get hurt.

“Sorry, I can’t help you, CAROL isn’t interested”

or Sorry, CAROL is on another call.

or Sorry, CAROL isn’t available because its handler “BOB” has his hand over the camera and his pay is being docked.

We need CAROL somewhere as a pilot. IMHO CAROL will do less quite often.

The alternative is to defund the police. This will get choke holds removed but thats about it. The police will always revert back to the old ways and no teenager or person of color wants that. Its human nature, don’t fight it.

Please give me ideas for CAROL below. We can begin writing it.

Which one do you like? go to and comment below.

Wikispeedia has been operating on an annual budget of $120 dollars. Its a labor of love. All our operating costs come from paypal giving fund.

Here is some code for your enjoyment.

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Road Rage Reduction
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