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Submit fixed….

-fixed now-

root cause:   To reduce Amazon footprint, we removed two unpopular columns sutc, dutc which were the exact second a submit or delete was done. It will be needed when thousands of people contribute which obviously isn’t today…..  So we hadn’t removed it in code…    Next up, need to remove dutc from …./delete*.php so that means the “Clean” button wont work until its fixed tonight…. doesnt work.

Looking into it.

(that means all SUBMITS via chrome extension etc) dont work.

The last working submit was on July 1.

Will post here when its fixed.


upgrade complete.

We changed the speed limit table to now use Innodb engine.

Stackoverflow said it is better. I never fight the perceived future, and all indicators point to Innodb.

Also change from micro to medium on Amazon…

Hopefully it won’t raise the monthly bill too much…



Mirror with Speed Limits Database included

Hi all,

Please buy a mirror. Its an all or none campaign. You can backout and get your money back tomorrow, but I need you guys to buy  mirrors. Indiegogo says you have to get 25% from friends first, so I am begging, please buy a mirror.
You can get your money back any time in the next 45 days.
You will love the mirror. I haven’t updated the video yet because I am still developing the app. Its all good, just time consuming.
It’s really bad-ass looking at night. I put the Matrix screensaver on it.
You can sell it on ebay for a profit if you hate it. This 7inch screen is brand new. All others are 4inch toy quality!
The Mirror is solid. The bug I am fixing is sluggish gps update. I know its solveable because the iGo Nav app runs flawlessly. Its gps/sqlite3 related. No big deal, just digging in. I already fixed 4 other ANR bugs. I finally got the wifi ADB to work after 2 weeks of fighting with China. Its all good. Even without the Cruise-Assist app, its still really fun to play with and its only $135 delivered.
If you want specific pictures or anything, don’t hesitate to ask!
Anything social helps too.