One of the main reasons of road rage is anger and frustration.

“Life is 10% what we experience and 90% how we respond to it”

Several situations can cause road rage. Some of them are:         

Noise pollution/ LOUD music

Experiences leading to stress or anxiety.

Delays or detours especially when there’s a time crunch

Multitasking/Presence of several distractions.

Slow driving by other motorists

When other motorists don’t follow rules

Verbal abuses/ gestures by others

Tailgating which is intentionally following the driver in front of you very closely

Flashing of headlights other motorists

Changing lanes at odd timings- when it is dangerous/ unsafe.

Understanding the above causes can help us develop ways to overcome them and drive safely.

Road Rage Reduction
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Road Rage Reduction

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Road Rage Reduction
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