One of the main reasons of road rage is anger and frustration.

“Life is 10% what we experience and 90% how we respond to it”

Several situations can cause road rage. Some of them are:         

Noise pollution/ LOUD music

Experiences leading to stress or anxiety.

Delays or detours especially when there’s a time crunch

Multitasking/Presence of several distractions.

Slow driving by other motorists

When other motorists don’t follow rules

Verbal abuses/ gestures by others

Tailgating which is intentionally following the driver in front of you very closely

Flashing of headlights other motorists

Changing lanes at odd timings- when it is dangerous/ unsafe.

Understanding the above causes can help us develop ways to overcome them and drive safely.

Road Rage Reduction
Think Twice Before You Speed.
Road Rage Reduction
Uber not to blame? Bollocks.

The NTSB is in the pocket of Silicon Valley, that’s for sure. Today, Rafael Vasquez was found guilty of killing Elaine Herzberg in the Uber Up or Out Culture. A police report from June 2018 labelled the fatal collision as “entirely avoidable” if the driver had been watching the road. Reported …

Road Rage Reduction

Recent data suggests that 94% of all traffic accidents are caused by motorist error. 33% of these accidents are related to behaviors due to road rage, such as illegal steering or misunderstanding the intent of another motorist. The following data offers a variety of statistics that may blow your mind. …