Confidence Rules

We are putting in some initial hard-rules, so we will list them here.
Other rules will be ML (machine learned), so they may or not end up here.

(history lesson). These are people/agencies/educators who pointed us to data,
so they get ownership… Unfortunately, we imported their data with low precision (need to redo them…)
so they get downgraded to confidence=lower…

Rules added 11/13/2013

if Tag={Yurek Hinz,Bertelli Alessandro,Pierre Lapouge,Vanesa F,Sam Krajewski2,Sam Krajewski} then confidence=0.9

Rules added 10/4/2013

if Tag={Ben de Waal, Joseph Warner,John Carr, Frank Warmerdam} then confidence=0.9



Road Rage Reduction
Daylight savings time is to drivers as y2k was to pilots.

Céline Vetter, a circadian sleep scientist [hmmmm, circadiummmm…] at the University of Colorado, Boulder, and senior author of the study, says that this research data paints a clear picture on the very tangible dangers of daylight saving time. “The acute adverse effects of DST on fatal traffic accident risk are real …

Road Rage Reduction
Make your own wikispeedia.

Wikispeedia was designed so everyone could do their daily query to update their own database. Please follow the . With that goal in mind, I found a possible tool. If you code, you should try it out. Its online shared python.   Step 1: Get Data Step 2: …

Wikispeedia Maintenance
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