urt ordered community service in my own experience has been a bit of a two edged sword. Who doesnt like the idea of making this world a better place by sacrificing their free time for no pay? There is a hint of sarcasm peppered into that statement, however it truly leaves the interpretation of it entirely to the individual. Of course there are those who absolutely loath the idea of it and will look for shortcuts or loopholes (of which there are many) but there are also those who welcome it. In todays society of getting “canceled” or constantly giving your attention to whats trending; Community service has kind of taken on a new meaning. For example take someone such as myself who has often thought of how to make this world a better place through an avenue of community service. Having to do a court ordered community service (S/o Virginia.. NOT) has forced me to kind of look at it in a different light. Being able to attain said hours through Wikispeedia has provided me with the opportunity to actually make a difference without getting all disgruntled about doing it in the first place. Its convenient and doesnt have me stray too far from my day to day activities, which im sure for most is the off-putting part of it all. Im not exactly sure that this is what the judge had in mind when he included that condition in my speeding case (not that I really care, but I feel like I should – well maybe a little) but at the end of the day Its been much more effective albeit rewarding knowing that im making a difference.

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