Give me some granny blood!
Road Rage Reduction

Covid is running havoc in Nursing Homes. They are the hardest hit, the residents confined into common eating areas for many hours. Or confined in their rooms with common ventilation systems. Windows don’t open. The staff is varied from all over the region.

Its really ground zero, the assisted care arena.

I have a friend whos mom is in a nursing care unit in Mississippi. She says their is no corona there, bullshit. They just aren’t seeing it. Either by optimism or naivety… Its everywhere and if you employ people, you have it.

Here is an email I get from my moms nursing home every week.

note that 50% of the residents who get Corona, die. So thats the end of the sad part of this post.

The happy side of this post is that, IF you survive, your blood will be worth millions! If you are a Mr Burns, you are going to want blood with antibodies. Guess who has it? Nursing homes. Remember, Steve Jobs came to Memphis for a cost effective liver. Surely celebrities will court nursing homes for antibodies.

So, read the fine print on your Assisted Living Contracts. Granny might be sitting on a goldmine.

I am not making light of this situation. I want to yank my mom out for safety. I am surprised people aren’t doing that… Perhaps comment below.

So what does this have to do with Speed limits? Nothing. I appreciate you reading this and getting Service Hours thru Wikispeedia. We survive from High Schoolers like you and from the Paypal Giving Fund. Thanks for that.

Please comment below and What Covid-19 has done to your family!


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Road Rage Reduction
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Road Rage Reduction
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Road Rage Reduction
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