Dash bashers

Road Rage Reduction

Random acts of kindness can calm yourself and others.

You have to find ways to calm yourself during your commute. When I lived in LA, I played the harmonica in traffic. I sucked, but it gave me something to do.

My other favorite thing to do is put my left foot against the dashboard. It puts blood somewhere different.

Of course you could go to the old standby and sing or move your car seat forward and backward.

Perhaps look to craigslist for inspiration. Thanks Lini in Vancouver.


Two “dash bashers” for road rage relief (East Van)

© craigslist

Surprisingly satisfying alternative to cursing and/or physical violence.

Two dense foam-rubber truncheons for whacking dashboard of car to relieve feelings. Every car should have one. For some reason, we have two. And no car.From a smoke-free, bug-free home. Laundered and/or wiped/washed, but may come with complimentary cat or dog hair all the same.Free. But you are invited to engage in gratuitous acts of kindness to strangers.
Dash bashers on craigslist.


I have long sought a gesture which means “I am an idiot and I am sorry”. We have the f-you gesture, but we need the opposite and no one has discovered it. For me, I put my palm sideways and lift it up, sort of Italian-ish gesture. I have considered a gun-to-head gesture, but that seems extreme or they might think I mean they should shoot themself, which would backfire ;-).




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