Duplicates removed. All access back up.

After 5 years of thought, we removed and prevent duplicates. This readies us for mass input from Lyft perhaps…. Previously, I for one would upload redundant data “just to make sure it got in”. Then it would take hours to audit them out. No more. Duplicates all gone. It took a month of making sure the proper original owner stayed in and newer-non-deleted copies went away.

This is the first time we have actually physically removed data, typically we mark it, not remove it. ┬áSo if you are making a local copy of wikispeedia, you need to remove duplicates yourself, live with them, or start over…

If you have performance issues, put a comment below immediately.

Below are the before and after stats which may be interesting, maybe not.

Duplicates physically removed on 1/22/2016.


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