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Road Rage Reduction

People who are active, find things to do during Covid. Some go to volunteermatch.org or quora.com and ask “how do I do community service hours online”. Then they find wikispeedia.org. Over 100 students have come our way this past 2 years. We had so many requests that we automated the certificate process.

These are the schools who have wandered our way and hopefully had a mutually beneficial experience when there is little else to do.

So hats off to these. Notice that Netflix’s “Billy on the Street”‘s school is represented….

Since 2005, Wikispeedia.org has been collecting speed limit information and giving it out free of charge. Take that Waze!

Special thanks for the Paypal Giving Fund. Without them, we would be history.

So the next time you buy Bitcoin via paypal or such and they ask if you would like to donate $1 to Wikispeedia.org, consider saying yes. We literally run on $20/month from them and remember, “no one at Wikispeedia.org has ever received a salary, including me”.

-Jim Pruett

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Road Rage Reduction
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Road Rage Reduction

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Road Rage Reduction
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