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Road Rage Reduction

Samantha Ott was collecting speed limit signs for service hours. This past week has seen dozens of young adults reaching out for service hours. Something happened, after months of Covid lethargy, people are actually doing online service hours. I guess they realize that College is still there or perhaps they finally reached critical boredomness.

Samatha aparently lives in Cleveland, so I audited her submissions and came across this unusual image on google street view.

Take what you need.

I can’t quite make out who sponsors it, but imagine the Google Street Camera going by and these folks not even aware. They are that focussed on the display.

This week with George Floyd accidentally murdered, it is nice to see nice as in the image.

I could care less about rioting, although I lived in LA during Rodney King and asked my wife Brenda if I could go “take a look”. I figured I could get close and not get in trouble. It was an insane time. I was on the 405 Freeway heading north 1/2 hour before OJ. Heck, I know where he tossed the knife, but no one has ever asked me….

I digress. We all know that rioting is what we do when we are pissed off. We go down to a lower form of existence.

  • Top: Like Norway when Oil was expensive
  • Like Norway after that mass shooting of kids
  • Like Norway during WWII
  • Like Norway now that their oil is useless…
  • You get the picture.

We raise and lower in humanity. Helping others at the bottom and avoiding each other at the top. Lets call it the Priority-People-Pyramid.

This week we are not at the top of our game. Think of ways to help each other. I put up a community volleyball net and people are using it. Volleyball solves all problems… Too old to play? Add some ringers on your team to even it all out.

So thanks, Samantha Ott for living in Cleveland and showing me the neighborhood…

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