Future cars will fall into categories.

Pontificate.  I realized over the weekend that futuristic cars will fall into categories.

The first category I will call front-down (FD) are in production. They have braking and lane departure warnings, thats it. These are easily achievable with down-pointing cameras for the lane departure and radar for forward collision braking.

The second phase will be side cameras (SC). They will do non-critical things like look at signs. Speed Limit signs, construction items, overtaking cars. They will be cautionary because they will miss more like a human does. Cameras in general suck, so don’t expect them to get you home at night.
On the flip side will be lidar cars (LC). They are ugly since they use light and the spinner has to be exposed. These will start from the bottom up. The first fleet, I will call pizza-drones will only travel 45mph or less, never on the highways. They will get DOT approval because so many vendors want them. They could start on sidewalks to get around driving legislations…
Of course I could be dead wrong. Every little city will argue with LIDAR cars going thru their fair city. Perhaps LC cars will be forced to travel only on Federal properties because of Buford T Pusser. I say this because over the weekend I drove thru his hometown to buy a cabinet off craigslist. link
For all these systems, I see the utility of a speed limit database. We are not a map which can update yearly, we are a dreaded speed limit database which changes daily. Our focused charter allows up to vet and publish hourly. No map system updates that easily.
1. I finally submitted our application for  501c3.
2. Anyone know javascript? This chrome extension doesn’t work. link
It autosuggests a new place to police…
PS ,  I put a cruise adaptor on ebay at cost.   link
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