You get 6 points on your license in Georgia for Raging

When is the last time you heard of anyone loosing their license? The point system was started in the 60’s. It led to a suspension of driving at 12 points in some states. In Georgia, you get 6 points for Road Rage. Granted it is rarely enforced, but it is available to get people off the road.

Some road rage is a cry for help. They had a bad day, went for a drive, got cut off and just like that words are exchanged.  People can only tolerate so much, so if you aren’t in a calm state of mind, anyone can pair up to do the rage-tango.

In my opinion, south Florida has the worse road rage in the US. I have lived all over, not in Boston or NYC have you, but I have seen it all. When you rage in Miami, there is a 50 50 chance of a gun exchange. Every other person is on vacation, so you have every reason to goof off from work. You could go to work one day, or call in sick and go to Jai alai or a dog track or boating. Cocaine is everywhere, so everyone is jacked up one way or another.

Hot Hot Hot leads to Rage Rage Rage
When the bridge goes down, a huge traffic jam ensues.

I had to make a left turn one time and the bridge had just come down, so there was a huge one way traffic rush. All drunk sunburn people leaving the beach. I was patiently waiting to turn left thru that. The guy behind me beeped and beeped at me to turn left, but I was just waiting it thru. Finally, I had had enough. I had planned this in my head a million times and this was the time I lost it. I threw on my 4way flashers, got out of my car, walked back and calmly said, “I am out of gas”. I then went back to my car with my wife. Eventually, he went around me and in front of my car, he figured out my fake, so he hung out the window and mouthed “Pussy, Pussy” at me, both of us had wives in our cars. Eventually I drove on, without incident this time. Do I regret not having a throw down? Not pushing thru the left turn? Sort of, but I lived to talk about it.

Truckers carry bats, tire thumpers they call them.
Perhaps better than a gun.

My friend Nelly Bentley actually saw a guy take a baseball bat to a rear window. It was in the morning of all times, on the way to work in Pompano Beach Fl. Some aerospace guy no doubt..

You don’t owe anyone, just find a way to calm yourself. If after that you can help others thru their day, great, but if not, calm yourself and forget everything else.

This is a road rage site, so here is a tip:

TIP: Listen to podcasts. link.  It will calm you. Avoid what I call “argument radio AM” if you can.


Share you rage story. It will do you good to type it as it did me….


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