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Do you get frustrated about the cat and mouse game played with the police? Starting at age 16, your view of the police go from “trusted friend when lost”, to instead, “avoid at all costs”. Why?

Speeding tickets. Thats it.

If it wasn’t for speeding tickets, we would all respect the police. I would. But we instead avoid and distrust the police, again from one simple truth, “everyone speeds”. Its a drama we play out.

We use trapster or waze to share police whereabouts.

They are the new radar detectors or the new CB radios, all trying to let us speed speed speed, but not get fined.

We would never steal candy,

but we sure as hell will break the speeding laws, whenever and wherever.  And we love the game too. We glamorize it in movies like “Fast and Furious” or my favorite, “Baby Driver”. Drive fast, and enjoy life. When we were kids, we enjoyed friction with out parents. As adults we enjoy not the friction, but the rush of beating the man.

At Wikispeedia, we want to make your life better.

You and I both know that speeding only gets you there 5 minutes faster. You only do it because you see empty-bandwidth in front of you. A space where your car can fit. We all see that opportunity, like circling your opponent in basketball. Just push push push, giving us a purpose in our commute.

Stop it! Find another purpose. You only rage on the road due to the radio station you have chosen. We all speed to the tune of “Radar Love”. I do, but let me propose other choices.

Choice 1:

Get an odometer that shows the speed limit. Wikispeedia has 5 free apps that show you the speed limit. We are a charity, its all we do.

Choice 2:

Get a cruise control that shows the speed limit. Here is one. Its cheap and fun.

Option 3:

Buy a smart mirror and run any app from Wikispeedia. They do both option 1 and 2 above.

You will need a smart mirror. You can get them on ebay.  Any of those work. Thats what I have. Relax, we are a charity, we have no interest in ebay, just providing solutions. Its our mission and we want it to be your mission too.

Its all about the underlying speed limit database. Wikispeedia is the only one free of charge and all on github. Since 2005 its all we do. Help us. Submit a speed limit sign in 5 minutes using this extension.

Wikispeedia is the best speed limit database on earth, we are free, open and supported by 600 contributors. Its a simple thing and you should help us maintain it. You got the speeding ticket, help others not get it.

If you won’t help, please tell us why below. Thanks for reading!

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