Get FedEx off my sidewalk.

Road Rage Reduction

Coming soon is legistation to allow motorized vehicles on YOUR sidewalk.

In 2019, Fedex has a robot sidewalk trial in New Hampshire. They had to go that far away to get anyone to let them put motors on sidewalks!  link. Shame on you “the free state”.


Most people have seen hoverboards on sidewalks and even roads. We have all sorts of vehicles vying for position with me and my dog taking a walk.

Lets face it. These commercial endeavors are as greedy as f#ck. They would spiderman bounce from roof to roof if they had the technology. All they want is to take your rights on the sidewalk or unlock your front door to make their stock go up. So which legislators will even bother to say NO to Amazon annoying drones, and these FedEx sidewalk cicada? NO COMMERCIAL stuff on MY sidewalk. Simple! Get back on the road robot! Walking is the last american freedom. Did we loose it? Do we need a 28th sidewalk ammendment?

There is even legislation to make it a felony for someone to touch a package at your front door. link 

In South Carolina, a tough new proposed law, the Defense Against Porch Pirates Act, would make it a felony to steal packages off a porch, subject to mandatory fines and jail time—without the prospect of probation. So now the front porch is “the mailbox”. Isn’t that a little extreme? Why not just say, “leaving a box in view of passing people is as much a public nuisance as a visible swimming pool with no fence. Force Amazon and Fedex to get stuff out of sight. They are just being greedy lazy Wall Street a**holes going for legislation instead of innovation.


Amazon is a public nuisance leaving boxes.

Delivery guy coming through the front door

I have sat by my front door with Amazon looking thru the window at me watching TV, demanding that I come to the door and take whatever $2 thing we ordered from mainland China. I just sit there and stare at them until they go away. They just want to do anything in their power (short of providing solutions) to get that package in my hands and removing their loss liability.






And now Ring Mania is afoot. My workmate Kelvin got a Ring door bell and is glued to it. He mentions the “network” his Ring is a part of, combatting crime, one delivery video at a time.  He is obsessed with the map of incidents found and twarted by the Ring Mafia. He gets alerts hourly when praying mantices fly by.

There are on average in the US today, 4 deliveries per day to all 50 million houses in the US. Why can’t all these individual deliveries to go thru one central clearing facility?

My son goes to college. They only accept return-recept mail, no junk mail. Its all aggregated to one building and once a month or so, my son goes there and gets all his FedEx, USPS, etc, all in one environmentally friendly shipment.

In fact, I want Walgreens to take all my deliveries and I drive by every few days to get them at a drive thru. No more mailbox, no more RING security, no more soggy packages at my doorstep.

Lets discuss a sidewalk “woke of the walk” or a new 28th sidewalk ammendment. Here it is.

Humans have priority at all times and shall never see a bot on a sidewalk.

Hover boards are aok, just like hopscotch, jacks, chalk, water balloons.


Any person can kick or destroy any bot they see on human sidewalks.


Amazon can go jack up the bike lane all they want. Bikers only use bike lanes at 5pm for their exercise anyway.

Eliminate mail boxes. Millennials detest the paper waste and so do I. Its spam, in metal box form.


Are we sitting idle watching our sidewalks dissappear?

Your comments below.

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