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Road Rage Reduction

We applied for a Charitable Grant thru FedEx.

Amount requested: $2000.

Summary: Help reduce habitual speeding of one or more teens. We will install a Speederaser in their car and help them quit speeding so much. The recipient(s) will be referred to us from the traffic court system. This will be overseen by the psychology department at a nearby University. A final report will be available as to the efficacy of this effort.

They have categories which we fit into.


They have a narrow window and once its closed its closed!



So, to check on status, I click Contact Us and I get the Circular back to Charitable Giving Guidelines…


History, stuff FedEx supports.

And with the support of FedEx and other partners, Criança Segura is leading
road and pedestrian safety initiatives focused on children. Programs include
Safe Kids in Traffic… from 2014

More from SafeKids


This is what I do all day. Grants are such an inside job. If you are not inside, you are outside. Even where I work, I get no love.


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Road Rage Reduction

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Road Rage Reduction
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Road Rage Reduction
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