Road Rage Reduction

Rage doesn’t have to end poorly.

Rage doesn’t have to end poorly.

This was captured from a cellphone by Nguyen, co-founder of fitness company, told the Press Association: “It was road rage. (It) started off in a Walmart parking lot and the red SUV cut off the truck exiting the lot, so the truck sped up to cut him off. Then the truck hit a U-turn as well.”

The right door of the red SUV swings open at around 17 seconds, but noone gets out. The end of the video shows the vehicle making a swift U-turn.

Nguyen said the truck also turned around, but he did not stick around to see how the confrontation would end. Smart decision. is quickly becoming a clearing house for rage cam videos.

Send them to Its like AFV for rage, lets call it AFRV or ARV. Which do you prefer?

I was in New Orleans over the weekend. I saw a truck with dancers in the bed, fireworks, a marriage parade, beggers, drunks and dark alleys. What I didn’t see was any police at all. None. Its amazing how the busyness of that place self-polices it. Its amazing. I took my 12 year old son there on Amtrak to see the WWII museum. They have a Tang Submarine exhibit that is super.

Since 2005, has been collecting and giving out speed limit information worldwide free of charge. If you think teenagers should be bilked into speeding fines which only temporarily prevent teenager speeding, then click away from here.

Otherwise, follow this video and use that extension to tell the world where your last speeding ticket was issued. Help others not get the same ticket. It takes 5 minutes and costs nothing.

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Road Rage Reduction
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Road Rage Reduction
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Road Rage Reduction
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