How to get a snapshot of the entire database.

Wikispeedia wasn’t meant to be a service, but people query us like we are Google and we want to throttle that back. To do that we will offer a snapshot of the 20M+ signs in a single  sqlite3 db file. The file will have things like lat,lon,cog,mph,kph,tag,date, but it will not have things like BTC, email, deleted signs. We want it to be useful for your cruise control or gizmo, but it is up to you to merge in daily changes using the SINCE command.  You must still follow the terms.

Now, people will say this is too hard to obtain, so let me elaborate. I have logged 10k signs, Andy has logged 5K signs and Tommy has logged 1k signs. You can easily log 100 signs in 1 hour of driving. Any company wanting speed limit signs could easily get 10 employees or Facebook friends to log and over a month or two could easily come up with the sign requirement. We want partners and this should burn it in stone. Even if you don’t want a snapshot, please log some signs. Or if you won’t, tell me candidly why you think we suck? @cellurl

Get entire db link



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