,1,2,3.php obsolete. Use geo4, geo4a instead


We are moving to and geo4a.php

The reason is, the old ones don’t have metering.
Plus the new ones are more reliable.
4a has sleeps in it, so Google won’t get mad at us calling reverse-geocoding too fast in succession.
4 doesn’t have the sleeps, but it might fail once in a while if Google complains.
They all return the same thing, speed limit and copyright information.

This will occur this week sometime.


0 Shares,-81.5674688,3a,15y,264.88h,82.78t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sUSG5Eto0jn-m9e04BJg3fA!2e0!7i16384!8i8192
Road Rage Reduction
Wall of Love

Samantha Ott was collecting speed limit signs for service hours. This past week has seen dozens of young adults reaching out for service hours. Something happened, after months of Covid lethargy, people are actually doing online service hours. I guess they realize that College is still there or perhaps they …
Road Rage Reduction
Give me some granny blood!

Covid is decimating nursing homes.

Road Rage Reduction
Land of Lincoln

WTF, Illinois getting rid of 600 traffic cameras! We all hate these revenue generating Androids, creating road rage as we guess whether to run the yellow or not. Reading the article, it says it was a bipartison vote to remove the cameras. What the judge said is beautiful, I think …