What is Charity?

Road Rage Reduction

I get a lot of grief for “how to fund” wikispeedia. So I step back and ask “What is Charity”? Typically it is one person helping an old person across the road. One on one. That is probably what charity is in Russia. They probably laugh at our corporate Charity-ship, with St Jude written on Nascar’s. My typical response to “Is that charity” question is “if all parties are happy, it is charity”.

I recently visited the recycling center in Henderson TN. It is for-profit, they sell cardboard and aluminum. They use prisoners in the manual sorting process. Is that charity? They could hire $20 laborers, but they use prisoners. It’s win win, but not great, right?

Wikispeedia started when the google-app-store started in 2005. I wrote a speed limit app and entered it in their first contest, which was just to get people off Apple. Apps brought in $40, all of which ran the servers for wikispeedia at nearlyfreespeech.net, amazon.com and back to NFS. No one including me, has ever received a salary.

Later we had a trucking guy who bought this data for $100 a month. It was sweet. We paid contributors, even dabbled in paying via BTC. That lasted a year until Google began world domination.

Lets talk about my son for a while.

He took part in “This New TikTok Challenge Is Making Kids Vandalize Schools”. He brought this home from the school bathroom. Put it on TikTok. Principle Roger Jones paid narcs $200 a pop to rat them out. My kid got suspended. He flunked the quarter. Jones had a list of charities that opened the door to make up school work. Is that charity?

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When covid began, I posted wikispeedia on volunteermatch.org . We were the first VIRTUAL service hours listing there. Everyone hated the idea. “Kids should help at nursing homes!!!”, not play on the computer.

A year later, they have a whole section on it. Are virtual opportunities charity?


I didn’t go into it, but charities are delicate endeavors. We recently got off PayPal after they defunded “Tracy Beanz” who is a wonderful journalist. We can’t in good conscience use paypal any more.

So we let the kids do community service hours with us. They can make their own certificate on canva.com or pay us $4 and we will edit our webpage to show them. I get a lot of pushback on charging kids to do community service hours. Instead should we close our doors after 16 years? Post a comment below.

Epilogue. We are hopeful that Walmart charities will fund us. Fingers crossed.

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Road Rage Reduction
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Road Rage Reduction
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Road Rage Reduction
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