Lombard street look out.

Speed Limit News

Good boy. Who gets a mapping? You do! Lombard Street will get one more mapping for sure.


Who in the world would expect a new mapping company to arise. Today, mapper.ai started hiring uber drivers to make maps. Imagine that. On their off time, they get $3 /mile to drone around at their puppetier’s request. Yes, you can real time tell them to turn left, turn right.  Which reminds me of my favorite Simpsons regarding GPS. I still quote turn-left, turn-right to my kids.


They do have one thing right, GPS isn’t good for street addresses, but its great for speed limit signs. Always will be. 100 feet resolution, aok with me. So now Uber drivers will slap on cop lights when they are mapping I suppose. I mean the spinning Lidar gizmo. Hope they don’t accidentally leave that on during customer rides…









We actually did this years back. We hired a friend of EBo’s to drive DC.   link   I think her name was Sandy?


I spent my oldest sons entire childhood trying to get sync work….

It was a royal pain syncing data. You need some deep wallets to make sync work.  I sent Sandy a phone and it was a mess, getting sync to work. You will see some signs of hers around Washington DC. Alexandria if I remember correctly. She was very layed back, I remember…

This actually is telling of the overhyped state of autonomous vehicles. They are not going to be in my non-Carnegie Mellon town in my lifetime. You betcha. Someday, I am going to send a whitepaper to the Transportation Safety group to change the backwindow light to GREEN if you are using any type of Cruise Control, be it AI or old-school. Maybe Green, who knows. I know Red-White-Blue are not allowed together because that is reserved for Police, so perhaps Green would work… We have to admit that until they are accepted, automous cars are going to get bullied bigtime, so lets light em up and give pedestrians at least a chance to know that they aren’t going to act like Bruno Culpochino, the cabbie from Booklyn! Hmm, Bay area manners transcribed into an automous car in Brooklyn. What could go wrong.



Since 2005, Wikispeedia has been collecting and giving out speed limit information free of charge. Anyone can grab 10 queries of data each day, and complete their own version of the Wikispeedia DB quickly… Its your road, not mapper.ai ‘s… Join us today in calming the roads. One of these days we will be on Amazon Smile as a 501c3, when the IRS gets their sh*t together. Thats a discussion for googlegroups

We lost our funding last month, so how about a coffee donation!



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