ROAD RAGE is aggressive or rash behavior shown by motorists through means of verbal abuse, gestures, threats, etc. These means are ways of releasing frustration.

If we or anyone we know have a problem with road rage, several steps can be taken such as:

-Calm and relaxing music can help avoid anger, by keeping you stress free.

-Leaving earlier to reach destinations:

Often one of the major triggers of road rage is the thought of being late for an event. The frustration builds up and causes the rage. Leaving earlier can help you remain calm, as the signals and waits won’t annoy you.

-Drinking alcohol can impair your driving and contribute to the frustration you show on the road

-Take rest, Get enough sleep: The lack of sleep often drives people insane.

-Be aware of the way you drive.

Sometimes people aren’t aware that they themselves are making the mistakes and often indulge in the blame game. Be aware of the rules as follow them accordingly.

-Put pictures of people you love on the dashboard. This way you remember you have to come home safe and sound. This will help you relax and remain stress free.

-Think about the end result. Your actions can have several consequences; remember the problematic consequences as a result of your anger. Think twice. This way you can ensure to not get into trouble.

Following the above steps can ensure a reduction in your rage while driving, and thus be safe.

Road Rage Reduction

Recent data suggests that 94% of all traffic accidents are caused by motorist error. 33% of these accidents are related to behaviors due to road rage, such as illegal steering or misunderstanding the intent of another motorist. The following data offers a variety of statistics that may blow your mind. …

Road Rage Reduction
Reality of Road Rage

Road rage is a leading cause of accidents. Road rage occurs due to aggressive driving methods. This term was first applied to a road incident that happned in Los Angeles after a chain of shootings that happened over there. Road rage is the main factor for even accidents that do …

Road Rage Reduction

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