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Road Rage Reduction

This came in. I assume if you go to ol Miss that you can get some service hours with wikispeedia.org

These things arise if you just stay around long enough. Personally, I assume Covid going away will reduce our traffic, but who knows.

I suppose schooling will echo “can i do it remotely” for years to come. They have the infrastructure, so why not. K-12, College, Business. Remote is here to stay.

So I have my marching orders. ‘Keep Wikispeedia.org relevant to serve both sides”, namely offer service hours, but also to promote the Wikispeedia database in projects such as comma.ai


Since 2005, Wikispeedia has been collecting and giving out speed limits free of charge. No one at Wikispeedia has ever been paid a salary (including me). Help out by getting our chrome extension and be immortal like “adopt a road”.

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Road Rage Reduction
US Government enacted censorship list

List of people removed from social media specifically related to the 2020 US Election Tracy Beans. Paypal. https://uncoverdc.com/2021/09/07/paypal-deplatforms-independent-news-outlet-uncoverdc/ need 1 minute audio clip of what you think deplatformed you Ms Beanz ! Send to gpscruise@protonmail.com Dr Shiva. Twitter

Road Rage Reduction
Artificial Intelligence Is On Your Side

A wedding anniversary was turned upside down when Julie Eberly was headed towards the beach with her husband, Ryan Eberly (Sederstrom). Not seeing the car behind him, Ryan switched lanes and accidentally pushed another driver, Dejywan Floyd, off the road (“Arrest Made in Lumberton”). Upon getting back on the highway, …

Road Rage Reduction
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Why is this person driving so slow? Did that driver just cut ahead of me? These thoughts likely roam one’s mind during road rage or accelarousal, when one becomes stressed due to acceleration events (Huynh et al. 2). These stimuli might be mundane and brief, “such as entering a highway …