Getting over road rage.

Look for the five easy road rage reduction tips on this site.  We are a little dissorganized, but the info is here.


Happy New Year. Make your New Years resolution your drive. Perhaps as you plan to loose weight you might find new ways to relax in your commute. This is always a challenge. I subscribe to all the talk of road rage, and its rampant. Perhaps because it has a cool name, Road Rage.

My favorite road rage experience was when I was 16. I can’t remember all the details, but I was alone and a car with several older kids was around me. Boy I have forgotten all these details… Anyway, I blocked them or was being a jerk or something. This was on a back road. Eventually they got around me and stopped. Foggy memory.. I forgot that once they were in front that I was vulnerable. Big mistake. The guy got out, came back and I think he hit me thru the window. I quickly rolled the window up, but not quick enough. Ouch. At that age, I definitely deserved it.

Of course, I had a bad ass 1969 Mustang, like this, and had fake fur everywhere. I had so much fake fur that once a cop asked me if I could see around it. (wish I had a picture…)

1969 'stang

This is a road rage reduction site, so here is a tip to reduce road rage.

Put up a cardboard block to keep your mind off passing traffic.

TIP:  Get a sun blocker. It will relax you, they don’t block your outside mirror and if you have art work on them, they might calm the guy passing you. They give you some mystery, some anonymity. Especially if you drive south in the morning when the sun is blasting in. Give it a try. I have laminated ones like these perhaps. link  link

Tell us your favorite way to calm down.

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