In 2005, I drove from Memphis to Huntsville every week for a contract job. I got a speeding ticket about once every 6 months. I thought, why do we accept this behavior, speed, ticket, calm, speed, ticket, calm. There must be a better way. People want to travel on back roads and see things, but they are terrified of the local sheriff hiding behind a fading speed limit sign. That was when was born.

What we do

We gather the location of speed limit signs worldwide, around 10 million at present. We run a discussion group and brainstorm ways to turn this real road rage reduction techniques like speederaser. All open source.


We provide effective ways to reduce road rage. We give these systems out to at-risk teens and adults.


Our demographics are drivers. I think all the people on our discussion group are mostly men and boys.

Advisory Board

This is done from our discussion group at present.


For a $10,000 donation, we can give out 30 speederasers to help at risk teens calm down. We get referrals from the traffic court system for repeat speeders. We will put your information at the top of our webpage and promote your business on


Jim Pruett, Director

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