Please consider a $1 donation to wikispeedia as your New Years Gift.


Please consider a $1 donation to

Look at all the people who helped us since 2005.
Josh for udp forwarder, Beekay for SD help, EBo for group support and donation, Bruce Cannon for wisdom and donation, Magick help from Magic, Fred’s Scripts, esmi, Lorenzo Caum, Trish for WordPress Help, Riyad Kalla for simple xml parser., John Carr for providing max speed limits.,Andy Moore for location code., Royce Jordan for 5bucks, Brian Smith and Dr Glunz, Nick Fox for snipet, Ellen Shields at DOT for dialog, Simple Mysql REPLACE example generator, Scott Chamberlain for R interface to speed limit database, Onur Akgun for cron, Dave Smith for bash

We first funded everything with Android apps. They died as app prices headed to $0.
Then asafedrive gave us a logo for free. We still us the logo but never came to terms on sharing speedlimits.
Along the way, we sold a $500 snapshot to Gary from fleetanalytics, so we coasted on that money for a while.
Then Google started selling speed limits, so they are in the league with Navteq…
Then Jason Procknow and one other group gave us recurring paypal which let us sleep at night for the first time.
So now it is getting tough again, but we are still building a cruise control as a future fundraiser, perhaps in the summer.

Thanks Jason, and thanks everyone!


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Road Rage Reduction
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Road Rage Reduction
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