Python code to upload data to Wikispeedia

If you need an easy way to upload or delete some wikispeedia data, consider python.

This is some python code that might help. Try it, its easy to learn and fun.


———-make sure you indent it properly. Python needs that!——–

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-

import sqlite3 as lite
import sys
import urllib
import urllib.request
import datetime
from dateutil import parser

con = lite.connect(‘east’)

with con:

cur = con.cursor()
cur.execute(“SELECT * FROM tmp”)

rows = cur.fetchall()

i= len(rows)

for row in rows:
print (str(i))
pointLat =row[0];
pointLon =row[1];
swlat= pointLat-0.00001;
nelat= pointLat+0.00001;
swlng= pointLon-0.00001;
nelng= pointLon+0.00001;
tagg= urllib.parse.quote(tag);
sutcc = parser.parse(sutc)
if dutc is not None:
dutcc= parser.parse(dutc)
dutccc= urllib.parse.quote(dutc)
if dutcc==None:
url = ‘’+’&mlat=’+str(pointLat)+’&mlon=’+str(pointLon)+’&mmph=’+str(mph)+’&mkph=69&mtag=’+tagg+’&mcog=’+str(cog)
elif dutcc is not None:
url = ‘’+str(nelat)+’&swlat=’+str(swlat)+’&nelng=’+str(nelng)+’&swlng=’+str(swlng)+’&mcog=’+str(cog)+’&delmail=’+’’+’&mdutc=’+dutccc

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