query access reduced for just June

Amazon bill is at $50, so throttled it down for June only.

We are experimenting with a smarter audit system which is costing… Need a fixed-ip…..

It will go back up in July.

Speed Limit News
added kph_trucks

Alirio, Linus i added kph_trucks min school night just add &school=1 for school zone otherwise leave it off Its not in the chrome extension. I will do that tomorrow. it isn’t perfect but its finished. SeeĀ  process_submit_bb6.php https://www.wikispeedia.org/faq.txt Any feedback appreciated…. When I get a minute I will change those …

Wikispeedia Maintenance
adding columns Expect some delays.

Alirio and Linus and me, want some more colums. Always fun to add. It usually spikes the Amazon storage space temporarily. It should be over on Valentines day… jim      

Wikispeedia Maintenance
Monthly update.

I drove Route-66 from Chicago to Santa Monica. Took 4 months. I am making it into a video of pictures I took along the way. Did I mention I did it all on Google Street View. Stuff like this…. Sent $30 to guys in Venezuela who are logging. Thanks Alirio …