query access reduced for just June

Amazon bill is at $50, so throttled it down for June only.

We are experimenting with a smarter audit system which is costing… Need a fixed-ip…..

It will go back up in July.

Wikispeedia Maintenance
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Wikispeedia Maintenance
You can add two signs at the exact same spot.

Hi Linus, Alirio, SSong et al. I feel like I found the Willy Wonka magic ticket. Its 2 truck speeds, one day, one night. Its implied that its not related to cars, only for trucks… r So I took this opportunity to change the db to allow this. Now you …

Thanks Linus for the picture.
Speed Limit News
added kph_trucks

Alirio, Linus i added kph_trucks min school night just add &school=1 for school zone otherwise leave it off Its not in the chrome extension. I will do that tomorrow. it isn’t perfect but its finished. See  process_submit_bb6.php https://www.wikispeedia.org/faq.txt Any feedback appreciated…. When I get a minute I will change those …