Down the Charity Rabbit hole

Road Rage Reduction

A year back I found They let you post your charity. Most of the high schoolers doing service hours find us from volunteermatch.

They seem alright until recently. I was so pleased that I donated to them at the bottom of there page. We are broke, but I took our last dollar and invested it in them.

Then they started allowing virtual service hours which we are. By that I mean you can do the hours from your computer. That in itself has some good and some bad, but lets just accept it as the current state of

charity affairs.

At first, I said our event was in 38017 which is where I live, but no one found us. Then I started adding other cities, but they charge at that point. If you add the entire USA it is $1200 a month! Plan B

So either they just added virtual or I forced them into it? Trust me, I got a lot of blowback from Jayne Cravens with her nostalgic charity view.

You see Jayne is a charity Nazi oficionado, but I have beat that story to death. My hope is that my taunts on will get her into a dialog where she realizes her mistake in hating on Wikispeedia….

Back to volunteermatch…. So I put us on their virtual section.

which is pretty cool. Then one day I looked at the results and there are

6615 virtual things to choose from and we are listed on the 30th page coming in at 2621.

UPDATE !!! After reposting 2/20/2020 and again 2/21/2020, I have moved from 2621 to 77 ! Still not a good system, so probably going to leave volunteermatch….

Update2 Feb 23, back down….

Priceless. Thank you Gregory Baldwin (founder of volunteermatch) (no relation I hope).

I wrote them and said, “I donate at the bottom of the page”. Q: Do you randomize the results? They said, we dont randomize them. If you contribute on the monthly system, you can autopost every day so you go to the top.

You see todays charity of choice is in Nepali of course, because they must have some screen scraping autoposter running.

Ugh. So why are we here at volunteermatch anyway? If I have to game the system, I should just buy Google Adwords and get rid of these schomo’s.

Yea, I spelled it correctly.

So there you have it. A day in the life. We sure could use a 2020 sponsor. I am getting tired… Peace.

Since 2005, Wikipseedia has been collecting and giving our speed limit information free of charge. No one at Wikispeedia including me has ever received a payment. Unlike Jayne Goodall (Cravens) 😉 link

Peace out. Now back watching Season 3 of Alone on the history channel….

Road Rage Reduction
Land of Lincoln

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Road Rage Reduction

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Road Rage Reduction
Daylight savings time is to drivers as y2k was to pilots.

Céline Vetter, a circadian sleep scientist [hmmmm, circadiummmm…] at the University of Colorado, Boulder, and senior author of the study, says that this research data paints a clear picture on the very tangible dangers of daylight saving time. “The acute adverse effects of DST on fatal traffic accident risk are real …