Reality of Road Rage

Road Rage Reduction

Road rage is a leading cause of accidents.

Road rage occurs due to aggressive driving methods. This term was first applied to a road incident that happned in Los Angeles after a chain of shootings that happened over there. Road rage is the main factor for even accidents that do not cause injuries.

Road rage leads to injuries and deaths.

Study suggests that most deliberate murders are conducted by angry motorists. The number has been increasing at a rate of 7% each year.

Many victims turn into offenders themselves.

Recent poll admitted that half of the motorists that share road rage have accepted that they indulge in angry behaviour in response. This type of driving put a lot of people at risk.

Driving with anger can be managed.

People who have gone through road rage often have personal reasons for outbursts. This behavior may be due to tension at home or work and impulsiveness. Research has found that angry motorists who seek therapy has seen a dramatic reduction in road rage incidents

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Road Rage Reduction

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Road Rage Reduction

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Road Rage Reduction

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