Welcome to Wikispeedia, a charity devoted to reducing road rage and helping teens avoid that devasting first speeding ticket.

Its 2018, please consider a paypal donation to gpscruise@gmail.com. It is used to run our servers. No one at Wikispeedia.org has ever received a salary.

Help out. Its fun and if we have any left over money, we pay contributors (not at this time). Its your gas, you should get paid. There are loggers for Android, Web, Github and our new Chrome Extension. Just look for them.  Also check our the open source cruise control and Venezuela page.

We now offer a snapshot of the entire speed limit database.  Make sure to follow the Terms.

To discuss anything related to Wikispeedia, register here      https://www.wikispeedia.org/wordpress/admin and post your question at the bottom of any page.


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