Here is our story.

In 2005, I had a contract job 3 hours away.
Once a week I drove back-roads from Memphis to Huntsville.
The speed limit went up, down, I never knew what it was.

GPS modules were available, so I build a cruise control which slowed down in speed zones.

Then Matt Despain in Salt Lake City heard about it, and built one, and was born.

Soon after, smart phones arrived so we made an app where “Granny yelled at you if you speeded”.

In 2014, Google started selling speed limits and our apps were no longer useful.

We kept logging and auditing, but there was no funding. Being a charity for us was a tough sell.

Around 2015, a fleet group in Miami started funding us. Without them, we would be gone.
Jason Procknow, an inventor in Texas, also started funding us. Two lets you sleep at night.

So we pushed on, still believing that we could offer speed limits in a Craigslist biz model.

In 2016, we discovered Android Car mirrors. They look great in your car but are very difficult to master. Fast forward, we turned them into a cruise control which you will enjoy.

In 2017 we filed for 501c3 and changed our focus to reducing road rage.

Imagine your daughter never again claiming that she didn’t know the speed limit!
Yes, navigators show the speed limit, but you can’t build a cruise control with them!

Log some signs (it will be your legacy like adopt a road)  or build something with speed limit data.

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