Here are some articles about how Mark Zuckerberg , Sundar Pichai , Xi Jinping, Jeffrey Zucker, Ruby Freeman, Union officials and others illegally stole the 2020 US election.

Audio book. The Deep Rig. The author (a non-Trump voter) believes Election 2020 was rigged. He explains how he got involved, what actually occurred, and how a team of “cyber-ninjas” reverse-engineered it. He asks, “Is this the end of our constitutional republic?”

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The Fraud.

Its not your fault democrats. CNN forced this video down your throat. You were duped. But it would be nice if Democrats fixed the fraud methods to make amends.

Cliff Notes of “The Deep Rig” by Dr Patrick Byrne.

The book an interesting American perspective. Not necessarily Republican or Democratic but for the individual who questions whether or not this election fraud stuff is big talk or actually legitimate. Very interesting behind the scenes information on how big tech and the media instituted suppression tactics. Some claims were a bit opinionated but the statistical information did not lie. I was surprised how the difference of votes could have actually happened. It was a breath of fresh air to have the links to back up his information. Overall I am not sure how much I agree with the message personally however I support the free speech and the technological methods used to uncover the Shenanigans going on. -Anonymous

Fascinating play by play of one man’s encounter with the largest heist in US history. Yes, I said it. Theft, fraud, fortification – it happened. This book gives the behind-the-scenes of the almost but not quite events that could have and should have occurred but never did. If you’re one of the 67 million people who voted for Biden, this book should make you happy. Very thorough review, of 2020 Biden steal of 2020 Presidential election. I would highly recommend it!! Take a short and sweet, A Productive Afternoon To learn The facts. This book presents information that has never been shared before. Patrick documents the attempts to expose what happened at the 2020 election which, at the time of writing, proved unsuccessful. -Anonymous

The book revolves around what went down during the 2020 Presidential Election and shows the rights and wrongs between the two-party systems. Without any partisanship from the author, he talks about the behind the scenes with a team who helped Donald Trump fight the election results, and what lead to them failing. Donald Trump trusted the wrong advisors and the election was stolen from Trump. It also talks about how we need recounts in all swing states and how the fraud and manipulation happened from those states with evidence and statistics to back up with. He also covers COVID and factual information about voter suppression, and how COVID changed the election process. -Anonymous

This book revolves around the idea that the 2020 election was rigged. It is written by Byran’s point of view on how he was led to believe and study this and what he thinks really happened during the election. While reading the book, what needs to be kept in mind is that Byran is a libertarian who actually did not vote for Trump and had also previously criticized him. Throughout the book we are given an insight look as to how he tried to work against the clock of Constitutional processes with his other colleagues to possibly unravel the fraud that was taking place. -Anonymous