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Road Rage Reduction

No, the Jetson’s won’t be here any time soon. Both Lyft and Uber have abandoned their self-driving cars. link

Lyft has sold its self-driving division to a Toyota subsidiary called Woven Planet for $550 million Uber, sold its own self-driving unit to the well-financed startup Aurora back in December. Only Alphabet’s Waymo is operating a small taxi service in the Phoenix area. Besides that, no one is operating fully driverless taxi services in the US, and most other companies aren’t expected to introduce driverless products this year.

Good riddance I say. Technology must first show up in Disney World, and I haven’t seen driverless cars in their parking lot !

What I have seen is a monorail. Perhaps the hyperloop will show up there soon.

you know its real because its written on it..

I am sure the rough draft looked like this.

Search for Elaine Herzberg on this website if you want to know my feelings on driverless cars. For my money, I want this!

For all the students here for service hours, I thank you. You are making a difference. Wikispeedia is designed so a million people a day can maintain all the speed limit signs in the world. Just a delta-query once a day like a vitamin. It was much effort to do that , but its been solid since 2005.

Help out. No one at has ever received a salary, including me.

-James Pruett

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Road Rage Reduction
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Road Rage Reduction
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Road Rage Reduction
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