Wikispeedia now offers service hours!

(max is 30 hours)

NOTE: School administrators. Feel free to comment below to discuss specific concerns about student service hours. We want the Service to be honest and useful and want to do whatever we can in this regard. -Jim Pruett 


Are you a student looking for service hours? Watch this 2 minute video to begin your service hours and get a certificate today.

Method 1: Sit in a chair option.


1. Install our Chrome App “Speed Limit Grab”  here.    (Please note, this extension isn’t malware. You can install it from source code. This is the life of a charity…)

2. (one time) Put your name in the OPTIONS so we know who did the Service Hours…



3. Hit the white button again.

4. Click on Mr yellow man.

5. Move around until you find a speed limit sign. They are everywhere!

6. Click the same white button again, then click on the speed limit number. Thats it! You are immortal like adopt-a-road…  You will see your Stats on the right


7. Post a message below, and tell how many hours you worked on it (max is 30 hours) and how many signs you found. Do that when you are done with your hours and we will email you a certificate. One certificate per person, (max is 30 hours). We use an automated system to check validity. 

8. Don’t add yellow signs. They are not speed limits, rather, speed advisories. Point down the street!  (click to watch video tutorial)







9. Don’t point at sign, instead point down the road like you would driving…

10. Find new areas by going to  Sometimes they won’t show there if they have already been done… Experiment. Find empty locations….


Thats it!

Real Awarded Certificates (2020)





















Method 2: Do something speed limit related.

Consider creating a blog post about road rage reduction, or speeding, traffic, or research. Give writing a chance! What have you got to loose. Keep track of your time and let us know.

  1. To post an article, register here.
  2. Put comment below and we will turn on authorship.
  3. Create your post with pictures, words, links. You won’t hurt the site, so create away…
  4. Email us your hours (10 hours max for authorship) and we will email you a certificate with the hours on it. One certificate per person.

Method 3: Build something.

Build something. Here are some ideas. Just keep track of your ideas and contact us when you are done. One certificate per person.

Get even with Road Ragers, guaranteed.

[new] Method 4: Drive-around method.

If you want to get some service hours by moving around, then try this method.

  1. Get app. Newer phones: link  Older devices: link (sideload older one).
  2. Drive around as a passenger. Perhaps on a bus. Every time you see a speed limit sign, tap the phone.
  3. Every time you turn on the app, your submissions will upload here
  4. Keep track of your time. When you want your certificate or have questions, comment below and we will respond within a few hours.
  5. That’s it! One certificate per person.

Since 2005, Wikispeedia has been gathering and giving out speed limit information free of charge. If you are a trucking agency and need to see what your drivers are doing, partner with Wikispeedia. There aren’t that many speed limit signs and we have most of them!


Actual certificates.
We use these guidelines: link

Franlin Marholz: I emailed you your certificate. We use an automated checking system. The date is done manually, so it is just approximate and mostly irrelevent since people want hours.

Hello, I have done 626 speed limit signs and an article to reduce speeding from 8/18-8/22 and from 9/4 to 9/19for 79 hours. It was great to be a part of a cause to reduce speeding!

Hiromichi, Your certificate is above. Also, in wordpress in the bottom right corner you can set the “Featured Image” to whatever you want. Thanks for publishing! Best of luck this fall!

Hey Jim, i can no longer see how many signs that i have registered as it is no longer on the top of the website, i was wondering how i could see this number again and if i can still qualify for community service hours even though you cant see the number of signs i have registered. My name is Anthony Medina, please message back with help.

Anthony Medina: I see 344 signs. How many hours did you work on it? Post that here when you are done. The website is tricky on not showing yours, but I see them so you are ok. Its because it limits to 20 people so the webpage doesnt get too big. It could be improved… But you are aok!

I published my paper on WordPress
The title is called Road Rage 2020
My name is Jack Sargent and I worked 90 hours to fulfill my 90 hours of community service.
Thank you

Anthony Medina: Make sure you go to after every few submissions to make sure you are not duplicating existing signs. If you see a lot of red on, then go somewhere else and try again.

Hi, hope you’re doing well! Over the past week, I’ve grown concerned about my name being removed from the right side of the website, and then I wouldn’t be able to redeem a certificate once I finish the number of hours I want to complete. My name has been moving further down the list and is now the last one. Is this preventable or is my best chance just getting a certificate for the hours I’ve completed thus far? Thank you!

So as of today, my name is no longer on the site but I did take pictures of my name on the screen with the number of speed signs I found. I would hate for all of my hours to go to waste. Is it still possible to claim the hours? I have the pictures for validation.

On Aug 10th you made me an author now my paper is done and I’m having trouble sending it to
I’m trying to send it using my phone. Is that ok or do I need to use a computer

am extremely frustrated and do not know what to do I have court in 1 hour I work very very hard to find 2100 speed limit signs and record 90 hours of work done only to log into my account today and all my flags have disappeared and I don’t know what to do because it’s like I did no work but I did I don’t know what happened everything Is it supposed to do that please help me I have court tomorrow and have to turn this in I did the work thank you

Alan. I just made you an author. If you like, put your poster on Then tell us how many hours you worked on it and we will post a certificate for you here.


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