Wikispeedia now offers service hours!

NOTE: School administrators. Feel free to comment below to discuss specific concerns about student service hours. We want the Service to be honest and useful and want to do whatever we can in this regard. -Jim Pruett 


Are you a high school senior looking for service hours? Watch this 2 minute video to begin your service hours and get a certificate today.

Method 1: Sit in a chair option.


1. Install our Chrome App “Speed Limit Grabber”  here.

2. (one time) Put your name in the OPTIONS so we know who did the Service Hours…



3. Hit the white button again.

4. Click on Mr yellow man.

5. Move around until you find a speed limit sign. They are everywhere!

6. Click the same white button again, then click on the speed limit number. Thats it! You are immortal like adopt-a-road…  You will see your Stats on the right


7. Put a comment below and tell how many hours you worked on it. Contact us before you do too many so we double-check that they are going in right. Then contact us when you are done and we will email you a certificate.


8. Don’t add yellow signs. They are not speed limits, rather, speed advisories. Point down the street!  (click to watch video tutorial)


Thats it!

Real Awarded Certificates (2019)















Method 2: Do something speed limit related.

Consider creating a blog post about road rage reduction, or speeding, traffic, or research. Give writing a chance! What have you got to loose. Keep track of your time and let us know.

  1. To post an article, register here.
  2. Put comment below and we will turn on authorship.
  3. Create your post with pictures, words, links. You won’t hurt the site, so create away…
  4. Email us your hours and we will email you a certificate with the hours on it.

Method 3: Build something.

Build something. Here are some ideas. Just keep track of your ideas and contact us when you are done.

Get even with Road Ragers, guaranteed.

[new] Method 4: Drive-around method.

If you want to get some service hours by moving around, then try this method.

  1. Get app. Newer phones: link  Older devices: link (sideload older one).
  2. Drive around as a passenger. Perhaps on a bus. Every time you see a speed limit sign, tap the phone.
  3. Every time you turn on the app, your submissions will upload here
  4. Keep track of your time. When you want your certificate or have questions, comment below and we will respond within a few hours.
  5. That’s it!


Since 2005, Wikispeedia has been gathering and giving out speed limit information free of charge. If you are a trucking agency and need to see what your drivers are doing, partner with Wikispeedia. There aren’t that many speed limit signs and we have most of them!


just leave comment below on page. We are moving off googlegroups so people see questions and answers on the appropriate page. thanks

leave concerns in the comments below. We want to move off googlegroups and discuss at the bottom of each page so others see common answers.

Hello Jim. Over the past 3 days, I have completed 7 total hours of volunteer service. I would appreciate an email with a certificate as soon as you are available! Thank you so much.

Isabel, its honor system. You tell me here in comments how many hours you worked. We trust you. -Jim

Hi, I’ve been working on Google Maps for the volunteer service hours. I was wondering if I should be keeping track of my hours or if it would be done automatically for me. Thank you.

When I go on Google Maps and search for speed limit signs, am I limited to just the USA or can I search in any country?


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