Recent data suggests that 94% of all traffic accidents are caused by motorist error. 33% of these accidents are related to behaviors due to road rage, such as illegal steering or misunderstanding the intent of another motorist. The following data offers a variety of statistics that may blow your mind.

Males under the age of 19 are more prone to road rage.

1 out of every 2 motorists who are face aggressive behavior while driving will respond back physically.

Over a study over several years, more than 200 murders are linked directly to road rage.

Over 12,000 injuries could have been avoided if road rage incidents hadn’t happened.

2% of those having aggressive motorists around them have admitted they try to get the car off the highway.

49% of road rage accidents are caused by motorists that are distracted or not concentrating.

Almost 45% of road aggression events are triggered by motorists cutting them on the roads.

More than half of the motorists in a recent survey admitted than unsafe driving is a major personal threat to their families.

30% of motorists said they felt like their own safety risked on the road in a month.

Aggressive motorists are extremely likely to not where seat belts and are also very likely to be the ones that drink and drive.

Less than 15% of motorists felt like it was “most dangerous” to drive 10 p/h over the speed limit.

More than 60% of motorists who fit into the category of unsafe motorists have said they hadn’t  been stopped by the police last year.

Road rage is a leading cause of accidents.

Road rage leads to injuries and deaths.

Many victims turn into offenders themselves.

Driving with anger can be managed.

Almost 100% people commute to work of motorists believe that taking measures are important to reduce the existence of dangerous driving and speeding.

According to a survey, the most significant method of making driving safer was to add to the number of police are assigned to controlling traffic.

Most motorists that live in the United States spends over 30 hours per year stuck in a traffic jam.

A 7% growth in the amount of road rage every year is expected.

More than half of US citizens of men claim that they experience road rage from another motorist every day.

The percentage of women saying they experience road rage on an everyday basis is 44%.

There is no official government agency of US that keeps track of road rage data

Much of the data available comes from 1997 or earlier.

20% of respondents reported feeling anger and intense frustration while driving last year, while 5.5% said they experienced those feelings on a  weekly basis. 3% reported those feelings WHENEVER THEY DRIVE. 

The most common act of road rage seen by motorists is when another motorist honks their car horns in frustration. However, almost half of the motorists/participants of the survey witnessed motorists giving rude hand gestures to the victims. Yelling and physically getting out of the car to fight are the other most prominent actions that follow.

According to survey, distracted driving, driving close to a vehicle, behind them (tailgating), and being cut on a highway are the most triggering behaviors.

Almost 40% of motorists believe that road rage is as dangerous as distracted and drunk driving.

Almost 45% of people admit failure in reporting road rage incident to the police when they witnessed it. 

5% of motorists forced another motorist off a highway.

More that 50% of people believe that driving 10 mph over the speed limit is normal. The rest thinks it’s aggressive behaviour.

More than 90% of car collision accidents are caused by human mistakes.

Almost 50% of victims of road rage become aggressors.

Only 2% of aggressors admit their mistakes.

Almost 30 murders per year due to road rage

The following places around the world have the worst road rage occurrences :



Jamaica—Montego Bay

The UK—London




The US—New York City

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