Think Twice Before You Speed.

Road Rage Reduction

Think twice before you speed
Many people are guilty of speeding whether it was to get to a destination quicker or to just have fun. People often do not think about the consequences of speeding but there can be very big consequences. Speeding can injury or even kill the people that were involved in the crash even innocent kids. In 2018, 26% of fatalities on the road were speeding-related. That is 9,378 people in just one year. This is about 26 people every day.
Why is it bad to speed?
Many people lose their lives to speeding every day. For this to not happen speed limits are put in place. Speed limits are not just a number randomly selected but are calculated to reduce the possibility of an accident. The faster you are the greater the damage when an accident happens. You will also have less of a chance to avoid the accident since you will have less time to react to sudden change. Your vehicle will require more space to come to a stop and it can also lose control. The safety devices on modern cars are designed to help with this however speeding will impede the effectiveness.
Secondly, speeding is bad for your wallet and environment. By speeding you are pushing your car’s engine to work harder. In order for the engine to do this, it will need more fuel. This means that you will be emitting more pollutants into the air and you will also be burning your money that you put into buying the gasoline. Speeding is also illegal and could get you a fine and a ticket that could possibly raise your insurance rates.
Also, speeding is not worth it when you compare the time you will be saving and the negatives about speeding. In an article published by Lifehacker, it shows you a calculation on how much time you will be saving. It shows that in a short distance you will only be saving a couple of minutes and for longer distances, you will be saving a little more but not much more. The faster the speed limit posted the less time you will be saving since you 35mph to 45mph will be a 35% increase but 65mph to 75mph will only be a 15% increase. Speeding gains are almost always lost when you hit a traffic light or traffic. Also when you consider an average ticket to be $150 you risk losing $150 to save a couple of minutes.
How can you stop speeding?
The first thing you have to do is to think about why you are speeding. If you are speeding because you are always running late a good idea is to wake up earlier and to leave the house earlier so you will have plenty of time for unanticipated delays. If you are always speeding for fun make sure you think about the danger you are putting others in. Speeding does not affect you but the others on the road. When you are speeding take a deep breath and relax.
Speed limits
Speed limits are chosen for a reason. When you hit a pedestrian or a cyclist traveling at 35mph that person still has a 68% chance of survival but even if you were going just 5mph more, that 68% decrease dramatically to 35%

These are some examples
Traffic Accident Resulting in a Crushed Car
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