TRIPE contest ends soon. $1000 first place prize.

Tripe Contest ends Dec 13, 2019
Road Rage Reduction

If you registered here, then you are a contestant! For all who entered this contest, I hope you have carved out a few minutes to try it.You need to submit something to by Dec 13.

Your submission can be a text description of what you did. Anything.. It won’t be published, it won’t be announced, just read by our judges. Whatever you did, however far you got, please send an email.

Remember, there is one $1000 first place winner and ten $100 runners up.

Aside: There are 150 good colleges that don’t require SAT/ACT scores. Instead they want to know what extra curricular activities you did.

(know of any?)

And welcome “your name here” to the Harvard Class of 2027…

Road Rage Reduction
Land of Lincoln

WTF, Illinois getting rid of 600 traffic cameras! We all hate these revenue generating Androids, creating road rage as we guess whether to run the yellow or not. Reading the article, it says it was a bipartison vote to remove the cameras. What the judge said is beautiful, I think …

Road Rage Reduction
Down the Charity Rabbit hole

A year back I found They let you post your charity. Most of the high schoolers doing service hours find us from volunteermatch. They seem alright until recently. I was so pleased that I donated to them at the bottom of there page. We are broke, but I took …

Road Rage Reduction

The Zebra has some interesting predictions on the future of transportation. The most interesting was the Flying Hotel Pods. I have envisioned this as a car, but I may have to rethink because there are too too many factors involved in cars. I can name 10 pretty quick. Legal: Cant …