Background: Wikispeedia is dedicated to reducing road rage and accidental speeding tickets. We have been around since 2005. We have some real world solutions to reducing road rage.

This contest is to excite middle schoolers into the unbelievably challenging and rewarding development of programming. We chose this project because no one has done it. Be first. Ask questions. Journal, and tell Harvard that you were first runner up in the TRIPE contest!

You can do it, I promise. Its a chance to click and profit!  Good Luck!


You must register here to win. That way, we can communicate more easily with all contestants. Register with your real email, but use an alias for your name if you want.


Judging is based on:

  1. Does your app work? If it doesn’t work, don’t dispair, this is not as important as 2
  2. Your proving to the judges that you did the work. (show journal with dates, brief informal discussion of your app. Not a grilling, just a discussion)

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