Road Rage Reduction


Habitual rage

The personality or behaviour of the individual. This is learned behaviour. Such drivers have learned to drive in a rash manner. It has been inculcated in them. It doesn’t merely depend on surroundings of the driver.

Situational rage

This is based on the surroundings or environment of the driver. This is due to emotional factors of the individual. Such as driving rashly on being fired or hearing any other bad news. The situation forces him to be angry and frustrated and hence the rage.


Competitive Drivers

This type of rage typically comes from people who are very competitive behind the steering wheel. They wish to reach their destination first. This mentality results in reckless driving.

Loud/Vocal Drivers

This results in YELLING something angrily in the privacy of your car, or rolling down your windows to scream to the other motorist. These actions can personally affect you, causing high blood pressure or may even rise up to violence.

Impatient Drivers

This if often because they feel their needs are superior to others on the road. This also leads to reckless driving. For example, overtaking at odd timings or joining with main roads without checking for the purpose of reaching their destination.

Violent Drivers

This often leads to a physical fight, where the driver gets out of his vehicle in rage. There are several cases with such drivers that lead to dangerous results. Drivers may even use their vehicles as weapons.

People may be a mix of the above drivers. However, they are to be controlled as it may lead to scary consequences.

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Road Rage Reduction
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Road Rage Reduction
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Road Rage Reduction
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