Uber not to blame? Bollocks.

Road Rage Reduction

The NTSB is in the pocket of Silicon Valley, that’s for sure. Today, Rafael Vasquez was found guilty of killing Elaine Herzberg in the Uber Up or Out Culture.

A police report from June 2018 labelled the fatal collision as “entirely avoidable” if the driver had been watching the road.

Reported at the BBC link, the NTSB found Ms Rafael Vasquez guilty, not Uber. Any lawyer could subpoena the Netflix records of all the drivers and find that they all stream all the time and Uber knows it. Thats negligance.

If Uber cared, they would at least let them stream on the dashboard. Put a tablet on the dash so they can see ahead. This is the same bullshit law of no texting while driving which leads kids to dangerously burying they phone in their crotch.

Of all the companies in Silicon Valley, I find Uber the worst. They have a Chicago Cab Union gangster vibe, thinking they must be Mob run to win at driverless cars. They got their hand slapped a few years back on their tactics to drive out competition.

What you are seeing is their power in Washington. What will it take for Uber to be liable on this, 10 deaths? Was NASA responsible for the Challenger disaster or was the Shuttle commander under pressure to lauch with icy O-ring conditions? I don’t like unions, but unions have reduced plane crashes to ZERO. If the plane aint safe, the pilot can say “I wont fly this” and the union completely supports that decision. Uber drivers need a union. It will benefit us all.

Reinactment courtesy elderstatement.com

We all know that drones are not around the corner. Research showed that the media convinced the public that this is close at hand, but in reality it is no where close to viable.

The same is true with driverless cars. They need to create use-classes as follows:

  • Under 35 mph, not rush hour. Very safe and implementable by Wamo, Uber, anyone
  • Highway. Very safe, never leaving the on/off ramp. Requires human escort off highway.
  • Other. Very UNSAFE. Possibly never safe during rush hour where pedestrians are everywhere and uncertainty rules the road.

Of course, the NTSB is probably in the pocket of Uber (and why is the AAA silent on this)? They are vocal for senior citizens and road safety in general. Have they been pushed aside, afraid?

Wikispeedia first reported on this link when it happened. Since 2005, we have been helping reduce road rage with real world tips. In 2018 we started offering Service Hours which are fun to do online during Covid-19. Buy us a coffee paypal.me/wikispeedia

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Road Rage Reduction
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