Road Rage Reduction

When you are calmly riding your car and a jerk cuts you off without any signals. You are very likely to say something out of anger like “How dare you?!” This may lead to you getting out of the car to give the person a piece of your mind, or angrily tweeting and texting about it to your friends.

A LOT of the drivers out there face this situation almost on a daily basis.

Road rage is actually a criminal offense, so following the steps below could help you stay out of jail.

Some tips are:

Remember that your safety should be your priority.

If you had a bad experience and are feeling angry or frustrated. Give yourself time to calm down before you get into the vehicle.

Remember that everyone’s a human being just like you. Hence, mistakes do happen. It may not always be intentional. Learn to forgive and forget.

Avoid eye contact with angry drivers; let them not dictate the rest of your day.

Remember to giver angry drivers a lot of space.

Remember that you are not superior and don’t have the right to punish poor driving, unless you are a police officer.

Ignore people when they are getting your nerves than trying to react. Reacting to obscene gestures often leads to giving the other motorist what they want.

Avoid motorists who you feel are mad or frustrated.

Talk yourself down in difficult situations when you just want to burst out.

Honk only if it is absolutely necessary. Honking leads to noise pollution that can make other drivers mad

Ensure you follow rules and keep everything in check so that no one else gets mad due to your driving.

“Treat others the way you want to be treated”

Do not be afraid to report aggressive drivers. You will be giving helping the future victims from what you are currently gong through.

If you see someone in an accident, do help them. DO NOT IGNORE. Stop at a safe distance as these aggressive drivers may be unsafe.

Be patient for all the grumps on the road, they, may be having a bad day after all.

If an angry driver follows you, do not go home but drive to the nearest police station. This way you can be sure of not being a victim of a road rage attack.

Play games that help you feel relieved of stress, like counting the number of idiots, who are making a fool of themselves on the road. Do not be violent and react in a negative way.

Do some breathing exercises to remain stress free, less angry due to other motorists.

Following these measures is bound to help you out of difficult situations and ensure you don’t be a part of unnecessary problems.

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Road Rage Reduction
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