Welcome Tripe Contestants. I believe in you. Ask questions on the discord channel. They have promised to be civil…

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Something new, right. Probably going to fail, right?  You are probably correct. What is the saying, “if you think you will loose, you already did”….

The only thing I can tell you, is only 2000 kids can try this, Only CMS and WEST. Why? To remove intimidation. Of the 2000, only probably 8th graders will try and only a couple STEM dropouts or closet programmers will enter. You are here, thats all it takes.

Good luck!

Ask questions on Discord or below.


-Jim Pruett



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Tripe Contest Participants Information
TRIPE Winners: First Place: Ahmad Issa, 2nd Place: Emerson Pruett

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Tripe Contest Participants Information
Tripe Contest ends Dec 13, 2019

If you registered here, then you are a contestant! For all who entered this contest, I hope you have carved out a few minutes to try it.You need to submit something to gpscruise@gmail.com by Dec 13. Your submission can be a text description of what you did. Anything.. It won’t …

Tripe Contest Participants Information
TRIPE contest for Collierville Middle school and West Middle School

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