Where can I find the Speed Limit? With a speed limit service.

There is no world or US speed limit database.
Wikispeedia is an attempt.

Wouldn’t you like to know the speed limit?
It is simple information, about 6-GB in size.

How many accidental-speeding tickets have you received?
How many times do you avoid back-roads for fear of tickets?

We are making speed limit information free worldwide.
Wikispeedia might have the cute wiki name, but we are completely

Since 2005, our data is gathered, checked by genius people like Ragaar, EBo, Tommy and you. Join the 300 people worldwide who trust us. We pay contributors. Its your gas, you should get paid for it.

At present, we are funded by donations. There is a torrent of our speed limit database. You must give attribution of the sign. Other than that, do what you want with speed limits.

To learn more:
Just search “wikispeedia” on Google….

If you want something, ask!

“By James Pruett”

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