TRIPE Winners: First Place: Ahmad Issa, 2nd Place: Emerson Pruett

Road Rage Reduction

Congrats to all 20+ people who registered here for this challenge. It was definitely not easy. Two people asked questions on Discord and got answers. This led them to two videos which showed a possible route to a solution.

One solution is to find similar code on github and get it working. Its amazing how much code on github doesn’t work out of the box. But if you spend a few hours on stackoverflow, they come alive on your $5 ebay Android cellphone…

The winning entry used a guitar tuner which makes a very adequate car-horn-honk detector. Best of all, it works on any phone and with any car horn type…

For myself, I learned that kids only use Instagram, so I had to communicate there.

Thanks to Marcos Pizza for their support.

There are many more details that might make a follow on project. If I were head of the school board, I would make every student publish an app on the Google/Android Play store as part of their CV. It is as relevant as programming in Scratch. Best of all, it lets kids think in a whole new way. Instead of getting your girlfriend jewelry, build her a customized Android App. 😉

Now, these kids truly “think different”.

Collierville Herald Newspaper
Road Rage Reduction
Land of Lincoln

WTF, Illinois getting rid of 600 traffic cameras! We all hate these revenue generating Androids, creating road rage as we guess whether to run the yellow or not. Reading the article, it says it was a bipartison vote to remove the cameras. What the judge said is beautiful, I think …

Road Rage Reduction
Down the Charity Rabbit hole

A year back I found They let you post your charity. Most of the high schoolers doing service hours find us from volunteermatch. They seem alright until recently. I was so pleased that I donated to them at the bottom of there page. We are broke, but I took …

Road Rage Reduction

The Zebra has some interesting predictions on the future of transportation. The most interesting was the Flying Hotel Pods. I have envisioned this as a car, but I may have to rethink because there are too too many factors involved in cars. I can name 10 pretty quick. Legal: Cant …