TRIPE Winners: First Place: Ahmad Issa, 2nd Place: Emerson Pruett

Road Rage Reduction

Congrats to all 20+ people who registered here for this challenge. It was definitely not easy. Two people asked questions on Discord and got answers. This led them to two videos which showed a possible route to a solution.

One solution is to find similar code on github and get it working. Its amazing how much code on github doesn’t work out of the box. But if you spend a few hours on stackoverflow, they come alive on your $5 ebay Android cellphone…

The winning entry used a guitar tuner which makes a very adequate car-horn-honk detector. Best of all, it works on any phone and with any car horn type…

For myself, I learned that kids only use Instagram, so I had to communicate there.

Thanks to Marcos Pizza for their support.

There are many more details that might make a follow on project. If I were head of the school board, I would make every student publish an app on the Google/Android Play store as part of their CV. It is as relevant as programming in Scratch. Best of all, it lets kids think in a whole new way. Instead of getting your girlfriend jewelry, build her a customized Android App. 😉

Now, these kids truly “think different”.

Collierville Herald Newspaper
Road Rage Reduction

The Zebra has some interesting predictions on the future of transportation. The most interesting was the Flying Hotel Pods. I have envisioned this as a car, but I may have to rethink because there are too too many factors involved in cars. I can name 10 pretty quick. Legal: Cant …

Road Rage Reduction
Daylight savings time is to drivers as y2k was to pilots.

Céline Vetter, a circadian sleep scientist [hmmmm, circadiummmm…] at the University of Colorado, Boulder, and senior author of the study, says that this research data paints a clear picture on the very tangible dangers of daylight saving time. “The acute adverse effects of DST on fatal traffic accident risk are real …
Road Rage Reduction
Tripe Contest ends Dec 13, 2019

If you registered here, then you are a contestant! For all who entered this contest, I hope you have carved out a few minutes to try it.You need to submit something to by Dec 13. Your submission can be a text description of what you did. Anything.. It won’t …